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Older in home computer and cell phone tutoring video for senior citizens. I can't believe how fat I was.

“With a good teacher, you will enjoy your lesson, the knowledge you gain and have the confidence to use it on your own."

Dual certified teacher and computer expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

Here Are Three Reasons Senior Citizens Should Take In Home Computer and Cell Phone Lessons from Dual Certified Teacher and Computer Expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. 808.224.1870

  1. Mr. Kirkham is a trained teacher who became a computer expert.

  2. Mr Kirkham has gray hair. He IS a senior citizen!

  3. Mr Kirkham spent 20 years working with senior citizens explaining high tech devices.

I’m Not Fighting This Any Longer

I know how this sounds, but I’m one of the best teachers I know, whether it’s

  • Giving Microsoft Office lessons to a job seeker in Honolulu Hawaii or anywhere on Oahu to improve the job applicant’s chances of getting hired.

  • Teaching middle school students as a popular substitute teacher

  • Tutoring students with behavioral challenges

  • Or giving private, positive, hands-on, in home computer and cell phone lessons to senior citizens here on Oahu which was how I started out full time in 2009.

I remain, one of the best, private, one on one in home teachers and tutors on Oahu.

I am Presently Focused on Helping Small Business Owners with....

Onsite computer tutoring and training.

Computer maintenance and troubleshooting. Remember to treat your computer like a car not a refrigerator.

Website hosting

Automatic SEO and Social Media Marketing through a program I wrote myself, Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Online Service.

I’m going to set a few in home appointment times a week to begin giving computer lessons to seniors here in Honolulu Hawaii or anywhere on Oahu. Aside from being one of the few computer experts on Oahu who is also an actual experienced, trained teacher, I spent 20 years in the hearing aid industry working with seniors explaining high-tech hearing aids to them for a living. I still help hearing aid companies due to my expertise in Noah software, but some of those time slots are now reserved for giving computer, cell phone and tablet lessons to seniors.

“Thanks for teaching me that CTRL + trick Rick it was worth the whole price of the lesson.", Senior citizen Honolulu Hawaii.

“Rick Kirkham is that rare computer geek with people skills. His explanations of even complex computer technology makes it plain and simple to understand", ``School teacher Salt Lake area Oahu.

“Rick taught me a trick to easily find out what my wifi password is." School teacher Oahu.

"I got the job!" An in home computer client I taught how to use Microsoft Office so she could update her resume.

Rick, I Have a Nephew That Can Help Me with My Computer

Horror phrases senior citizens have told me during computer lessons that relatives and friends have said to them

  • Everyone knows that

I can think of very few things worse to say to a senior citizen computer student trying to learn something new.

  • I just showed that to you

Getting frustrated with mom or grandpa, dad or grandma does not help them learn any faster nor feel better about trying to learn how to use a computer.

  • You just can't learn this

You just called your grandma stupid.

I’m not saying your nephew, grandchild or daughter would say these things to you, but I’ve heard these stories of phrases used from A LOT from my senior citizen in home computer tutoring and training students.

Phrases I’ve Actually Used When Giving Senior Citizens Computer Lessons

  • Right mouse click for a menu. Left mouse click for an action.

A simple way to remember how to use the mouse.

  • Double click to open the folder just like when you pick up the folder and open it. That’s where the files are.

Relate what seniors already know. A good teacher explains a new lesson based on knowledge the student already has learned during his/her life.

  • I’m glad you did that while I was here. Now I can show you how to get out of it.

Every little slip of the keyboard or mouse is an opportunity to learn something different.

Shut Up

Not you. Me! A good teacher or tutor knows when to be quiet. The longer I talk, the less my senior computer lesson student learns.

Hands On Not Off The Computer

Giving computer lessons to seniors isn’t so much about explaining as it is doing. I’ll take my senior computer lesson student through the steps say of sending out an email, using phrases seen on the screen such “Compose". I’ll then have my senior computer lesson student do it as I quietly watch. When my student gets stuck, I give a little hint.

Yes I’m Positive About Computer Lessons

I help my senior citizen computer lesson students feel good about what they're doing and enjoy learning how to use a computer. I love seeing the faces of my senior computer lesson students when they've done something on their own and feel that sense of accomplishment. As a teacher with a background in behavioral challenges, I can tell you that both children and adults react to the same stimulus in a similar manner. adults are simply more repressed about their reactions. Both adults and children enjoy being praised for their efforts. Both adults and children also fear being chastised for their mistakes, which NEVER happens when I give anyone including senior citizens, in home computer lessons here on Oahu.

Overcoming Fear of New Technology

This method helps my senior computer lesson students overcome the fear of new technology. I’ve setup new computer for seniors after making a house call and still remember hearing the statement several times,

“I was afraid to take it out of the box until you got here."

Guess what the first lesson is when that happens? My senior computer lesson student sets up the computer himself/herself under my guidance!

You Fix It!

I let my senior computer lesson student make his/her own mistakes while I watch, then help the student correct the mistake. Small mistakes are going to happen when I’m not there giving an in home computer and cell phone lesson. If the mistakes happen while I’m there I can prepare my senior computer student for the small errors when I’m not there. I always say don’t be afraid to try something different. If you can’t get out of it, I’ll help you.

Knowing and Teaching Are Two Different Skill Sets Especially with Computer Lessons

One of my favorite compliments was from a retired ER doctor who said,

“I spent hundreds of dollars with computer geeks trying to learn how to use a computer. Then I met Rick, whose hands on positive approach was refreshing and efficient."

He even shared with me ITs (computer experts, but not teachers) would show him five or even 10 steps and then say, “Here now you do it."

This is the difference between knowing a skill and knowing how to transfer the knowledge of that skill in a positive, hands-on, fun approach. A good teacher is the difference between feeling frustrated and dreading to make a mistake in front of the person from whom you’re trying to learn and looking forward to your lesson, knowledge, skill and learning to correct those mistakes in a confident, relaxed manner even after your teacher is gone.

Rick, How Much Do You Charge for In Home Computer and Cell Phone Lessons for Seniors?

I charge $95.00 per hour or $75.00 per hour as a cash discount or prepay. Depending on what my senior tutoring student wants to learn it usually takes one to three lessons in one hour increments. I use one hour increments so as not to overwhelm my student.

How Often Should I Take In Home Computer and Cell Phone Lessons Rick?

Some people want to take computer lessons once a week. As a trained teacher I advise against this practice. This gives the senior computer lesson student one day to remember and six days to forget. If it’s affordable, I’d recommend three times in one week. This gives a day between lessons to practice on your own and to write down challenges you run across for your next in home computer and cell phone lesson.

The first part of the in home computer and cell phone lesson is always a review the previous lesson. I have you do things such as send an email, attach a photo, download a photo, find a photo on the computer etc.. I help with any corrections from the previous in home computer and cell phone lesson then move to the next lesson at a pace with which you’re comfortable. That’s a great advantage over group lessons where you may feel way behind or even way ahead of other computer class members.

Rick, Is There Anyone Cheaper Than You That Gives In Home Computer and Cell Phone Lessons?

Of course there is, somewhere! There's always someone cheaper trying to do the same job with the same quality.

You just have to ask yourself, “Why are they cheaper?"

My priorities in order of importance is to teach senior citizens how to use computers in an efficient, safe and fun manner and then pay my bills, in that order. If you cannot afford me please don't be embarrassed to let me know, I'll be happy to work with you.

Okay Rick, What Do I Do To Make Sure I Can Get an Appointment Time for In Home Computer and Cell Phone Lessons Here on Oahu

Text or call me if you live in Honolulu Hawaii or anywhere on Oahu 808.224.1870. Don’t be wishy washy. You know this needs to be done while I have spots available.

If You’re Not on Oahu Download My Computer Cell Phone and Tablet Tips and Troubleshooting Ebook or Text Only

To setup remote computer lessons for the English-speaking mainland U.S.A.

Either way be sure to download The Big Plain English Computer Cell Phone and Tablet Help and Tips eBook

My future senior oahu friends and in home computer and cell phone tutoring students, call me now 2241870

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"There's a huge difference in knowing how to use computers and knowing how to teach and tutor while creating an efficient, effective and fun learning environment. A lot of the stress especially on senior citizens is trying not to frustrate their grandson trying to teach grandma how to use a computer or smart cell phone." Give your mom and dad the same advantage you had as you learned how to use a computer in school. Get your parents a professional educator such as myself.

J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.