This Little Box Turns Your HDTV into a Windows 10/11 Computer! by in home and remote computer cell phone and tablet tutor and troubleshooter J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. covering Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu and remotely for the English speaking U.S.A. Text or call 808.224.1870

This is so cool. I installed this little box for an in home computer client here in Honolulu Hawaii and turned his HDTV into a Windows 10 computer! Read my review....

Setup Was Pretty Standard for the Mele Fanless Mini PC also called a PC Stick

If you've setup Windows before you can set up the Intel PC Stick. If you haven't and your on Oahu I'll make a housecall and do it for you..

Features I Found on The Mele Fanless Mini PC also called a PC Stick

I liked it! I don't see new things very often doing what I do, but this is perfect for an end computer user that needs a big screen and has little space.

The pc stick fit right in my hand. I'd say was about six inches long and 2.5 inches across. That's without looking at the specs.

It had two usb ports.

I used one of those usb ports to plug in a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse. When you buy a wireless mouse and keyboard together you general only need one usb adapter to plug into the computer.

An Ethernet Port

Hold on let me explain what an ethernet port is. An ethernet port is a port you'll find on desktop computers and still some laptops that allow you plug in cable internet. I was happily surprised to see this feature on such a small computer.

The PC Stick Plugs Into an HDMI Port

The Mele Fanless Mini PC even comes with an HDMI cord in case of tight fits. The HDMI port is what you plug the PC stick into in order for the HDTV to act as a giant monitor. The giant monitor makes this perfect for senior citizens and other people with vision challenges.

I personally have two senior citizen in-home computer tutoring clients with macular degeneration. The larger screen makes it easy to see the text and images. Computer users with full size computers with vision problems do not give up hope. I selected This computer monitor for one of my vision challenged computer tutoring clients.

The Mele Fanless Mini PC Comes with a Power Cord

I was surprised a USB power option wasn't available, but plug your power cord into the small slot of your PC Stick which is a USB C port. Then plug the other end into any regular electric socket or better yet, a surge protected power strip

Storage for The PC Stick

It will hold around 128GB of files, photos and videos. However, I suggest doing most of your work in Google Drive. Don't worry, I can help you with your Gmail and Google Drive. This computer along with all other computers and devices will eventually crash. If you have your work and photos stored in the cloud (Google Drive), they'll be safe from the pending crash.

Options When Your Purchase The Mele Fanless Mini PC

Your basic option is 4 GB of RAM or 8 GB of RAM. RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It's the memory used to run both your programs, games, videos while at the same time running the operating system (Windows 10 or 11) itself.

If you're just going to check email and surf the internet 4 GB is fine. Games and videos I highly recommend 8 GB of RAM. If you're going to use your PC Stick for business I also suggest 8 GB of RAM.

How I Got Into The Computer from The Remote

Make sure the PC Stick is turned on. It's a rectangular button along the side. It's hard to see but you can tell it's a button due to line surrounding the button so it can be pushed down.

Every remote and HDTV is going to be different. In this case I used the back out button, which looks like a half-circle with an arrow pointed left, to take me out of the TV menu straight into Windows. Believe me when I tell you, the TV manufacturers do not want thing to be difficult to use. They want you to keep buying them and recommending them.

Thanks Rick But My HDTV Already Has Internet Browsing Capabilities

So does my in home computer tutoring client's! However he wanted to sign up for an online class and the browser built into the HDTV was not supported!

My Recommendation?

The Mele Fanless Mini PC also called a PC Stick

is perfect for any person or business who needs to sav space and the advantage of a full computer operating system. The big HDTV screen is perfect for senior citizens and anyone else with vision challenges.

I went into settings and made everything larger, text and images, for at least two of my senior citizen in home computer tutoring clients here on Oahu.

I highly recommend The Mele Fanless Mini PC also called a PC Stick

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