A New Computer Tutor and Repair Expert Joins Our Ohana Here in Honolulu Hawaii

My in home computer tutoring schedule was full here on Oahu. Even remotely I had no slots left. If just one more person texted or called here in Honolulu Hawaii with a computer repair problem or for computer lessons I'd have to turn him or her down. So I reached out to the school IT where I'm substitute teaching....

Almost Immediately I Heard Back From...

The computer science teacher! Mr. Nathan Krahn agreed to help me make house calls to give computer lessons almost anywhere on Oahu.

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Mr. Krahn not only joins our computer tutoring and troubleshooting family with an extensive computer and teaching background, but he's also built his own computers and loves a very secure, fast computer operating system called Linux. My own favorite flavor of Linux being Linux Mint. I've replaced several troublesome Windows 10 computers with Linux Mint and hardly hear from those computer clients at all since doing so. Previously I was seeing in home computer clients every 7 to 10 days with Windows update issues.

Additional Background of Mr. Krahn

Before teaching computer science, Mr. Krahn taught special education. This helped to develop the IT and teacher thick skin from handling frustrations and even verbal insults from both parents and students. He'll be utilizing that same thick skin to help frustrated in home computer users who have computer problems or simply have a difficult time with today's computers, cell phones and tablets.

Nathan is married and well established here in Honolulu Hawaii. He enjoys working with our computer clients and hopes to hear from you soon.

Contact Manager Rick Kirkham for an Appointment Time

Even with Nathan's help we still have almost a full schedule. Text or call ASAP to secure your appointment time. Warning: If you reschedule this could cause a delay of one week sometimes.

Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu call or Text me, Rick Kirkham, 808.224.1870 to check our availability.

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