Help is Now Available for Google Drive The Microsoft Office 365 Replacement and Gmail by Remote Computer Tutor and Troubleshooter J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

After helping my second remote computer client in the U.S.A. in a row with Google Drive I am making this an official service. As one of the best computer tutors in Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu with house calls, I am now available for the mainland U.S.A. remotely. Text only due to time differences. You and I will make arrangements for a consultation phone call through texting don’t worry. 808.224.1870. Normal charges for texting apply. Hawaii is part of the United States. 808.224.1870

What is Google Drive?

You saw me refer to Google Drive as a Microsoft Office 365 Replacement. Google Drive is a lot more than that and more flexible than Microsoft Office 365. It’s almost impossible for Google Drive to crash, yet we saw just a few days ago Microsoft sent an update which caused its own programs to stop working. Problems continue with Microsoft’s online services and people are beginning to turn their heads toward other office suite and cloud services.

Google Drive Is:

  • A Microsoft compatible office suite

  • A free backup and sync service

  • A cloud storage service offering 15gb (that’s a lot) of online storage

  • A file sharing service

  • A PDF reader

  • A PDF editor using a Google Drive app.

  • A video player

  • A multi-computer and device syncer

  • Draw and import pictures in its Paint like program

  • Through its wide range of apps most of which are free ALMOST ANYTHING ELSE!

What is Gmail?

Where have you been? Just kidding. Gmail is an online email service by Google. The service is free. I was around when Google started this by offering an unheard of at that time gigabyte of email space. At the time I was using Yahoo mail. I woke up to discover my storage capacity in Yahoo had tripled. I looked around Yahoo to make sure I didn’t pay for something I didn’t need. Later a search showed me it was the response to Gmail being born.

  • Gmail can be set up to receive all your emails from all your accounts AND keep them separate when you reply.

  • Gmail attachments can be viewed or saved directly to Google Drive.

  • Gmail attachments stay with the email even when replying

  • Gmail is independent of your ISP (Internet Service Provider). That means when your ISP changes your Gmail address will remain the same.

  • Google Workspace can be set up to manage your email for multiple users in your company.

Now Don’t Get Nervous About The Cloud

I can practically feel the concern of some of my beginning in home computer tutoring clients here on Oahu.

“It’s in something called the cloud. I want it on my computer. I want it printed out.“

It’s okay don’t worry. By using Google Drive’s backup and sync program, now called Google Desktop, we can have everything on your computer as well as having it backed for WHEN not if you’re computer crashes or your hard drive that stores your photos and work files goes bad.

By using the cloud we’re actually protecting your important family photos and work files.

How Much Does Google Drive Cost?

Google Drive is FREE! Up to 15GB of storage space which includes Gmail so be aware of that. 15GB (gigabytes) is more than most people need for backup and cloud storage. Being the power user that I am I’m paying a whole $5.00 per month for 200GB of storage space in Google Drive’s cloud.

I sync three of my computers using Google Drive Backup and Sync and can access my files on any computer or device I wish. I don’t have to be at a particular computer to get a particular file.

What Can You Teach Me Rick?

Anything from setting up your Google account all the way to selecting the correct program to edit a project on which you’re working. Interestingly enough I recently showed a basic computer user who's a contractor how to access his own computer files in Google Drive so he could use the free application he needed to edit his document. I was even able to help him remotely. A service I offer for all English speaking people on the mainland U.S.A..

How Much Do You Charge Rick?

I usually have people pay two hours in advance for computer troubleshooting, but sometimes I only need 15 minutes to show someone how to accomplish his/her task in Google Drive. So I charge $95.00 per hour in 15 minute increments. If you’re a beginner or haven’t begun a task yet I highly recommend you sign up for an hour.

Remote Computer Help 15 minute intervals

Your Time is Your Money

People sometimes spend an entire day trying to figure out a Gmail or Google Drive feature. When they finally contact me 808.224.1870 (text only please mainland U.S.A.) I usually show them what they need within 15 minutes. Make more money throughout the day with your business, help more of your clients by contacting me right away.

Rick Kirkham

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