Download System Mechanic to Speed Up, Maintain and Fix Your Windows Computer

As an in home computer tutor and repair expert here in Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu I recommend System Mechanic to all of my computer clients. Both in home computer clients and remote support computer clients benefit from the automated optimization, repair, maintenance and virus protection features of System Mechanic.

Download System Mechanic® Fix, Maintain and Speed Up Your PC Automatically

  • Deletes junk files that cause sluggishness and system instability

  • Boosts performance in real-time for gaming, streaming, and downloading

  • Removes system-hogging bloatware you didn’t know was there

  • Frees trapped memory and defragments drives for even more speed

  • Helps secure open router ports and connected home devices

  • Automatically cleans and repairs whenever your PC is idle

That's a lot of what I do as an in home and remote computer troubleshooter and proactive maintenance expert. I charge $95.00 per hour which is on the low end. I just spoke with another IT who charges $150.00 per hour. If System Mechanic saves you even just one visit to your computer repair IT, it's paid for itself!

Download System Mechanic for Windows Computers Now Click Here

Enjoy your computer and keep it running, enter image description here

Rick J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

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