I’ll Buy a Computer For You Then Make a House Call or Office Visit and Set It Up Honolulu Hawaii and All of Oahu Text or Call Dual Certified Teacher Turned Computer Tutor and Troubleshooter Rick Kirkham 808.224.1870

This unique service offered by in-home computer tutor and troubleshooting expert Rick Kirkham is perfect for both the busy business person and the senior citizen who has trouble getting to the electronics store.

“This computer service really came out of necessity.”

Said Rick Kirkham,” Both senior citizens and small business owners would call me to set up their new computers. Sometimes the senior ended up with some ultra powerful gaming computer he/she was going to use to just surf the internet and check email. Business owners would purchase computers with 4gb of RAM and underpowered processors which would increase their work time due to the inefficiency of the computer.”

The Main Problem is People Walking Out of The Computer Stores Spending Way Too Much Money. Here’s What I’ll Do For You...

  • Talk to you to determine the best type and power level of your new computer. A business person needs a faster computer for example than someone who wants to just surf the internet and check email.
  • Go to the computer store and speak geekenese with the salesperson so he/she knows exactly what I need and won’t try to pull a fast one.
  • Find the best computer to suit your specific needs.
  • Call you for your approval.
  • Buy the computer.
  • Take the computer to your office or house.
  • Setup and optimize the computer.
  • Customize the computer to make it the most efficient for what you will do with the computer.
  • Give you computer lessons or software lessons such as Office 365 based on your individual needs.

Sounds Like a Time Saving Money Saving Service Rick! How Much Do You Charge?

One hour of my time for consulting with the computer store reps and purchasing your computer. My rate is $95.00 per hour. I charge the same hourly rate for setting up the computer which could take an additional two to three hours depending on the speed of both your computer and internet. Oh and naturally reimburse me for the computer.

So Give Me a Call to Save Money and Learn to Use Your New Computer

Computer, tablet and smart cell phone tutor, trainer, mobile virus removal and repair specialist,
Experienced, dual certified teacher J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. of Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu.
Call or Text 808.224.1870
BEFORE your old computer breaks down since it’s easier to transfer files and photos.